Dickinson Baseball - Be a Red Devil

Dickinson Baseball - Be a Red Devil


Craig Hanson

Head Coach

Describe your ideal athlete.

First and foremost, we are looking for talented student-athletes who will excel in the classroom and help us win baseball games. On the field, we are looking for talent and potential. We look for players with a tremendous work ethic who are willing to compete. Off the field, we are looking for strong students and leaders who will make good decisions and represent our program and Dickinson in a positive way.


Describe the tradition of your program. What are three core values of your program?

The past five seasons have been the most successful in Dickinson baseball history, and we are looking to continue to build upon that success each and every season moving forward. In our program, we emphasize trust, commitment and care. Each member of the team needs to be able to trust that everyone is putting in the work and time to build a successful program. They each need to be committed to the team and each other and to put the team ahead of themselves. Lastly, they need to care about the other members of the Dickinson baseball family and to support each other both on and off of the field.


Describe an average in-season day for a student-athlete.

During the season, we typically play four or five games a week and practice two or three times a week. Our players will usually have class in the mornings and occasionally in the early afternoon. On game days, we will stretch at 1:30pm for a 3:30pm first pitch. If we are practicing, we usually have optional early work at 3pm and practice would begin at 4pm or 4:30pm.


Offer details on facilities your program uses regularly and benefits from.

Our team plays all of our home games at MacPhail Field at Dickinson Park. We are fortunate to have one of the best facilities in the country. Additionally, we regularly use the Durden Center weight room for our team lifts. When our guys can’t make a team lift, they will lift on their own in the brand new Kline Fitness Center expansion. We are grateful to have access to such top-of-the-line facilities!


Describe the positive balance between academics and athletics at Dickinson.

 Our guys do a great job balancing the academic demands of Dickinson with the demands of being a Division III student-athlete. Time management is an integral part of their success, and we work hard with them to ensure they have the resources they need to help balance out their schedules. All of our players know that their performance in the classroom is as important as anything that they accomplish on the field.


Why is Carlisle, and central Pennsylvania, an outstanding place for a student-athlete to live, work and compete? Do your student-athletes study abroad?

Carlisle is a great college town that combines big-name stores and restaurants with locally owned and operated smaller businesses. It is close enough to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., so our students can easily take advantage of bigger city atmospheres while still going to school in a smaller town environment. We have players study abroad every year. Our guys have spent time in many different countries, including Spain, China, Italy, Germany, Australia, France, Ecuador and Turks and Caicos.


Describe community service projects or other community work in which your program participates.

Our team has been involved in many different community service projects over the years. Our partnership with Team Impact has been the most rewarding program we have been a part of. Team Impact is basically a hybrid of the Make a Wish Foundation and the Big Brother/Sister program. They pair children with serious and life-threatening medical conditions with college sports programs.

Two years ago, we partnered up with Matt Kocsis, a local teenager who suffers from hydrocephalous. He has had 98 brain surgeries over the course of his life and is a diehard baseball fan. We “drafted” Matt two years ago and he comes to almost every home game and countless practices. Matt’s parents have told me on numerous occasions how much Matt loves being a part of our team. They tell me how much more confident and happy he has been through his interaction with our guys. He’s out of his wheelchair and is walking by himself and able to run with some help, and they thank us for our help.

What I’m not sure they realize is how much Matt has done for our program. Matt is a true inspiration to our guys and provides so much perspective. For someone who has gone through so much in his life, to be such a positive presence in our lives is remarkable. If our guys have had a rough day with classes or have struggled in a game, there is no excuse to get down. As Matt would say, “It’s not like you’ve had brain surgery,” which immediately gets a laugh and a smile. We are the ones who should be thanking them for allowing us to interact with such a wonderful young man.


Describe some of the professional areas in which your program alumni currently have careers.

Following their graduation from Dickinson, our alumni have gone on to do great things. We have former players working for investment banks in NYC, Philadelphia, and Charlotte. Others are teaching and coaching. We have had alumni join the military and others join the Peace Corps. We have also had several alumni get positions with Major League Baseball in the front office with the Orioles, Blue Jays, Mets and in the commissioner’s office.


In your opinion, what does it take to thrive at Dickinson?

To truly thrive at Dickinson, you need to take advantage of everything that Dickinson has to offer. Don’t limit yourself to just academics and baseball. Participate in other clubs and activities. Our players are involved in numerous other activities on campus—from writing for the school newspaper The Dickinsonian to broadcasting for the Red Devils Sports Network to working in the admissions office to participating in an a capella group, our players have fully taken advantage of everything Dickinson has to offer. They are thriving.


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