Dickinson M. Soccer - Be a Red Devil

Dickinson M. Soccer - Be a Red Devil


Brian Redding

Head Coach


Describe your ideal athlete.

The ideal soccer candidate for Dickinson College men’s soccer is a young man that likely has many attributes to be attractive to Division I programs, and also sees a greater value in focusing on his education and the opportunities to be a four-year contributor to our success. Our players are typically more advanced technically and tactically than many of their peers and are coming from top club programs and the United Stated Development Academy system. Our young men must also be serious students with a proven commitment to successful academics that will continue through their college career.


Describe the tradition of your program. What are some core values of your program?

Being part of Dickinson men’s soccer program means you expect to be in your conference playoffs competing for a conference championship—you expect to be in the NCAA national tournament competing for the opportunity to lift a national championship trophy. As head coach, I took over this program in 2004, and we have been in the NCAA Division III tournament seven times; in 2007, 2008, 2011-14, and 2017. Tradition for us means you are willing to do the work to be part of a nationally recognized program, and it starts with embracing the crest we wear. We honor discipline, commitment, motivation and sacrifice each day. These words make up the crest that we wear on our practice uniform and other gear, and they create the foundation of the growing the Dickinson men’s soccer legacy.


Offer details on facilities your program uses regularly and benefits from.

We are very fortunate because we have access to two full-size practice fields and one small side practice field. We have our own soccer-only stadium game field (Miller Memorial Field) that we share with the women’s program. All of our fields are a well-groomed, pristine grass. We also have access to two turf fields, so when we play away on turf we will train on turf. The team is committed to fitness, and strength and conditioning are part of routine during our season and in our off-season. We have a new strength and conditioning workout facility (Durden Athletic Training Center) for our varsity athletes, and we also use the Kline Fitness Center, which is a new state-of-the-art facility.


Describe the positive balance between academics and athletics at Dickinson.

Dickinson student-athletes maintain a positive and clear balance between the general academic responsibilities, the academic standards that we expect them to maintain and the challenge of being part of a successful sports program. Our soccer athletes understand and appreciate being a student first, while maintaining the commitment and sacrifice required to be successful.


Why is Carlisle, and central Pennsylvania, an outstanding place for a student-athlete to live, work and compete? Do your student-athletes study abroad?

Dickinson and the historic town of Carlisle create a special environment to be part of as a student and to live. Dickinson and Carlisle are woven together in way that is very inviting, comfortable and friendly. It also offers a great variety activity for all ages to enjoy.


Describe some of the professional areas in which your program alumni currently have careers.

Our alumni are doctors, lawyers, teachers, business owners and scientists, and they work in the financial world, along with a number of other career paths. They all have our soccer program and Dickinson in common, and they all are invested in helping our current players as they graduate and seek careers.


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